As a start-up driver who has just completed their training, it is difficult to deal with some of the situations that you will encounter on the road. Particularly, stopping and parking present lots of challenges that can easily get you into trouble. A mistake can make you overlook a "no parking" or "no stopping" sign, forcing you to be towed into a nearby traffic authority centre. To add on that, some private property owners along the road forbid parking around their premises, and your vehicle will certainly be towed away if you cross the line. However, there are exceptions to this stopping and parking restrictions. Here are some of the exceptions that may come into play:

To Avert a Collision

Stopping and parking in an area where both are not warranted are allowed if you are doing it to avert a collision. A good example is a case where you encounter an accident on the road. It might force you to stop or park your car in an area where both parking and stopping are forbidden to avoid running into the wreck. Instead of trying to find a way through such situations while jeopardising the safety of other road users, you'd rather stop and park your vehicle in an unwarranted area and only drive through when the road is clear.

To Deal With Mechanical Problems

Mechanical problems in vehicles are as spontaneous as they come. Your vehicle could be running smoothly in one instance and break down a while later. If you have a mechanical problem that renders your vehicle immobile, then you are allowed to park in an unwarranted area as you attempt to sort the problem as soon as possible. Remember to place hazard road signs at the back and front of your car to remind other road users to be cautious as they approach your car. You may want to have your car towed to a mechanic.

To Address a Medical Emergency

If there is an urgent medical situation that you have to address, then you are allowed to stop or park your car in an area where it is prohibited. For instance, you may run into a pedestrian who has been  involved in a hit and run accident and requires medical attention or help. Moreover, either you or one of the occupants in your car can develop a medical condition amidst the journey, forcing you to stop. These are some of the cases where the law gives precedence to human life and safety over restrictions to parking. Your vehicle will not be towed away on the grounds of illegal parking if you were forced to do so by any of the situations discussed.