Your car's spark plugs play integral roles in igniting the air and fuel mixture to kickstart the engine. The continuous ignition keeps your car running, but if the spark plug fails, then there could be many repercussions when it comes to performance. If you notice any of these indicators of failed spark plugs, head to the auto mechanics immediately to restore the normal performance of your car.

Delayed Acceleration

A clear indicator of a spark plug failure is when your car experiences poor or delayed acceleration. When you accelerate and notice no response, then you should know that your spark plugs are failing or have already failed. Spark plugs typically fail when you don't have an auto mechanic regularly service your car, which results in it becoming overworked. Delayed acceleration can lead to miscalculations when you drive. These miscalculations are extremely dangerous when you're at high speeds because they can result in preventable accidents.

Engine Misfiring

When your engine regularly misfires, it could be because of failed spark plugs resulting in the loss of spark within your engine. When an engine misfire occurs, you will hear stumbling or stuttering sounds from inside. A misfired engine will also result in jerky movements when it is running, which can affect safety, performance and fuel economy. Auto mechanics may need to establish whether your spark plugs can be fixed or whether they need replacement based on the degree of the problem.

High Fuel Consumption

If your car is using more fuel than usual, then failing spark plugs could be causing the problem. Failing spark plugs cause partial combustion of fuel, which naturally reduces its fuel efficiency while running. High fuel consumption can occur because of a number of different problems, so only qualified mechanics are equipped to determine whether your spark plugs need to be replaced or whether some other fix is necessary for your car.

Trouble Starting Your Car

If your car does not start when you turn the key in the ignition, then it could be because the spark plugs are not properly connected to the ignition system because of some internal damage or loose networks. A defected spark plug will fail to trigger the ignition and your car will have trouble starting. Your ignition system may need a proper health check to establish the exact source of the trouble.

Spark plugs need regular maintenance as part of car servicing. If you notice any of these troubles, visit qualified auto mechanics to restore your car's normal performance once again.