Often cars are grazed with minor dents and dings following low-speed fender benders or from car doors, shopping trollies, or hail and sleet. Paintless dent removal is the easiest technique of resolving dents and dings on automobiles without the need for extensive repairs, sanding, or repainting of the vehicle. If your car has suffered any form of minor body damage, you do not need to incur huge costs for repairs. Read on to find out about paintless dent removal and what to expect from your auto repairs dealer during the process.

Paintless dent removal basics

The process of paintless dent removal is based on the fact that most cars have flexible exterior bodies. It is effective in the event of a minor damage that causes a dent without scratching the paint. In this case, force can be applied to the dented part from the inside, pushing the body back to its original configuration. However, not all kinds of dents and dings can be fixed this way. Your auto dealer will perform a quick assessment of the damage to determine whether paintless dent removal will be ideal.

The process of restoration

Once it is determined that this technique can be used to restore your car's body, you should expect the following during repairs:

  • Gaining entry to the dent In most auto repairs involving substantial damage to the body, the dent repairs are approached from the exterior of the body. However, in this case, dents are located and assessed from the interior of the car. Depending on the location of the dent, your auto dealer may have to remove certain body panels for proper access and examination of the dented area.
  • Restoring the dented area Once the dent has been located and assessed, specialized tools are used to massage the exterior back to its original configuration. The amount of force applied during this process is very critical to the outcome of the repairs. Too much pressure can create high spots on the exterior causing the car paint to split or crack.

Cost of paintless dent removal

Paintless dent removal is usually cheaper than traditional repair techniques. It is an easy and simple process that requires few steps and materials. The process only involves disassembly of a few parts obstructing the dented area. Extensive metal fabrication and restoration techniques are not necessary with this method. As a result, less time, manpower, and money are required to undertake the process.

Regardless of the simplicity of paintless dent removal, it is crucial to visit a reputed and experienced auto repairs dealer. If the process of restoration isn't done carefully, the car's paint may chip or crack and end up costing you more for a painting job.