The internet can be a helpful place to find great off-road driving tips, but it can also expose you to a myriad of myths. This article discusses some of the most common myths relating to 4x4 vehicle driving. Avoid acting on those myths.

Myth 1: Increase Tyre Pressure Before Driving Through Mud 

Proponents of this myth believe that increasing the tyre pressure beyond the recommended level will make the sidewall inflate to the extent of increasing traction. However, following such advice may cause your vehicle tyres to bust. It is better to buy wider tyres in case you need better traction when driving through mud.

Myth 2: Horsepower is the Most Important During Off-Road Driving

This myth stems from the fact that vehicles with higher horsepower ratings can attain high speeds faster than vehicles with lower horsepower ratings. When driving in off-road conditions, torque is very important. This is because torque relates to how much force is being exerted from each turn of engine components to make the tyres move through or over a barrier, such as an embankment. Consequently, higher torque translates into a higher ability to move the vehicle in challenging situations, such as across a stream. You should therefore put more emphasis on buying engine accessories that increase torque, such as engine tuners that enable you to improve the torque by pushing a button on the dashboard.

Myth 3: Off-Road Vehicles Need Leaf Springs

Different makers of 4x4 vehicles equip those vehicles with different suspension systems. Some use leaf springs. Others use coil springs. Advancements in technology have ensured that each type of suspension can perform well as long as the springs have been well sized and well configured for a vehicle. You should therefore have the springs of your 4x4 checked for correct configuration in case you think that they are not holding up well during off-road trips.

Myth 4: 4WD Will Get You Out of Any Driving Challenge

This myth leads people to take unnecessary risks, such as driving over steep obstacles. They imagine that they will simply engage the 4WD mode in order to make the vehicle scramble over the obstacle. The truth is that the 4WD function is just a tool at your disposal. How well a tool performs depends on the skill of the person using that tool. Thus, poor driving decisions and limited skill will result in frequent accidents, such as rollovers, even if your vehicle has 4WD capabilities.

Do not buy 4x4 vehicle parts based on popular myths that friends tell you. Consult professionals for advice on which parts will improve the performance of your vehicle before you make a purchase.