Nothing sounds better than a new truck's engine rev. The power Volvo trucks bring is just exhilarating. Unfortunately, the condition of your truck may gradually depreciate with time. This could be due to normal wear and tear factors, or simply poor maintenance. However, for great productivity, your truck needs to perform well under maximum safety. If you plan on maintaining your vehicle at a top notch status 24/7, below are some exclusive tips just for you.

Performance improvement tips

Regular use of fuel system cleaner

After some time, most of the engine parts get clogged by messy substances. To clean this gunk out, you need to use a fuel system cleaner. All you need to do is empty the fuel tank, pour a bottle of this substance in the gas tank, and let it run throughout the engine. It will dissolve and wash out all the mess. The cleaner not only boosts the performance of your truck but also improve its fuel economy.

Install high-performance air filters

Replacing stock air filters with high-performance filters will increase the amount of air circulating in the engine. More air implies that there would be more oxygen for combustion. This in turn increases the engine's firepower and improves cooling, thus enhancing the overall performance of your truck.

Improve the exhaust system

The best way to do this is by installing a dual engine exhaust system and using wider exhaust pipes. A better system with larger pipes will maximize the disposal of waste air from the vehicle's system, giving it better air flow. With this reduction in air resistance, your engine can breathe and function better.

Safety enhancement tips

Truck mounted attenuator

It is also known as an impact or crash attenuator. This device is essential if you want to assure the safety of your employees and other bystanders. It is that elongated barrier located at the back of a truck which acts as a cushion that absorbs kinetic energy upon collision. Unfortunately, not all heavy commercial vehicles come fitted with an attenuator. Therefore, if yours lacks this equipment, see if a manufacturer will mount one for you.

Install special speed limiters

Sometimes, drivers can easily get carried away with driving at high speeds during the job and may cause accidents. A highway speed governor cannot really guarantee safety at job sites. Therefore, you may want to install speed governors that limit the speed to even lower miles per hour. This would give the drivers more control, thus assuring their safety and that of your goods as well.