Although tyres are one of the most important aspects of your vehicle, drivers typically tend to take them for granted. However, although tyres from companies like O'Neills Tyres are built for durability, they will not be able to stay at optimal performance if they are not maintained in the appropriate manner. Here are some handy maintenance tips that you could use to ensure that your tyres stay at optimal performance for as long as possible.

Inspect the tyres for tread depth and wear

One of the important aspects to inspect on your tyres would be the tread depth. This is because the tread grooves perform various functions for your vehicle. For one, these treads work toward dispersing water when driving in wet conditions, hence enabling you to maintain control of your vehicle when the roads are wet. Additionally, the treads provide your tyres with grip and traction, hence enabling them to stay on the road, especially when driving at high speeds. It is always best to purchase tyres that come with wear indicators on the treads as this makes it easier for you to spot when it is time to have them replaced.

Inspect the tyres for air pressure

It is important for your tyres to have the appropriate air pressure as this greatly reduces the chances of your losing control of your car when driving. The air pressure in your tyres works toward keeping them in good form. This in turn ensures that your tyres do not fall at risk of premature wear and tear. It should be noted that when the tyres have little pressure, you stand the risk of causing irreversible damage to the interior of your tyres. However, take note to avoid over inflating you tyres too as this will also cause them to be at risk of damage. By keeping the air pressure in your tyres at the appropriate level, you do not only enhance the lifespan of your tyres but also save on your fuel consumption, as your car will be driving at optimal conditions.

Inspect the balancing of your tyres

If your tyres were improperly balanced, the first sign that you will indicate there is a problem would be incessant vibrations emanating from your vehicle when you are driving. Correct tyre balance works toward ensuring the suspension of your vehicle is not at risk of damage. Balancing also works toward keeping the bearings as well as the steering system of your car in good condition. Whenever you opt for tyre replacement, it is best to have wheel balancing carried out by your auto mechanic so as to ensure that they are all at the same level.