A car needs to be taken care of, but unfortunately, the budget may come in the way. Customising it to achieve optimum performance levels may sometimes be more than you bargained for. However, that doesn't mean you have to ruin your credit to achieve a better driving experience. There are a number of functional services you can have on your car for a better and smoother ride. Here is the top list of cheap car servicing to improve performance if you're looking to save a few bucks and still tear up the tracks.

Tyre pressure

Keeping your tyre pressure at the right mark would ensure they enjoy a longer lifespan. This then translates into saving you a lot of funds. The tyres are the link between the road and vehicle itself, so extreme care is paramount.

You can know the right pressure to have in your tyres by checking the placard located in the doorsill. Carry a tyre pressure gauge, and frequently check the pressure. Depending on the car's pressure monitoring system, it may put your vehicle in jeopardy. These systems only inform you of trouble when your tyres are terribly underinflated, about 25% below the tyre pressure.

Get better brakes

Another worthwhile but cheap upgrade you can have is getting better performing brakes. The kind of brake on a car is one of the few factors that separate the good cars from the great. Better braking equates to better control. One of the best options is choosing ceramic brake pads. They don't cost so much but their effect on your vehicle would be outstanding. Ceramic brake pads are more durable, can withstand much higher temperatures, and produce close to zero brake dust, which is a good option if you frequently give your car a spin.

Wheel alignment

Poor wheel alignment can cause a lot more damage than just obscene wear and tear. This can also lead to high fuel usage by your vehicle, and even diminish the control you have over it. Camber is the angle your wheels have vertically with the road surface. You'd benefit more from negative camber especially if you are an aggressive driver. It raises the performance and handling. Even the tight corners won't bother you.

Zero camber is preferred because it evens out the wearing of the tires. However, it doesn't give you the extra performance during tight cornering.

Suspension tuning

This is one of those car services race drivers place in their must have list. Check the stock springs and try lowering them to lower the centre of gravity. This also gives you a better grip when negotiating corners. Remember, the default suspension settings are meant for the general public, but you may need something a little more specific. Visit a pro for the best tuning.