You probably know auto wreckers as professionals who tow cars from an accident scene, tow cars that have stalled in traffic, and provide rollover service when a vehicle has rolled into a ditch or down a hill. But auto wreckers, like Nissan wreckers, perform other valuable services, and to help you understand the other ways in which they can be beneficial, here are the answers to some common questions people ask about auto wrecking companies.

Do Auto Wreckers Recycle Old Vehicles? -- Yes, auto wreckers will either buy or accept donated vehicles for recycling. If you own an old vehicle that no longer runs, some auto wreckers will pay you for the vehicle and strip the car of all usable parts, especially components that are made of copper and aluminum. Some auto wreckers also offer environmentally compliant recycling, which means that they use recycling methods that won't pollute the air or contaminate the earth. You can find auto wreckers who use these environmentally safe recycling methods by checking the Automotive Recyclers Association website, which has an Australian membership chapter that lists wreckers who adhere to 'green' methods.

Can One Buy A Car At An Auto Wreckers Yard? -- Many auto wreckers now offer auction sales of vehicles that they have restored, or vehicles that police have impounded that were never reclaimed by their rightful owners. Most auto wreckers who sell vehicles do so at weekly or monthly auctions, which means high bid wins. Some auto wreckers allow you to participate in a live auction online, where you can submit your bid. Buying a car from an auto wrecker can save you thousands of dollars, and many of these cars are sold with limited warranties, though some are also sold on an 'as is' basis, which means that the moment you drive the car away from the yard, any mechanical failure that occurs is your responsibility to repair.

Can One Visit a Car Wrecker For Spare Parts? -- Yes, many car wreckers sell spare parts from the vehicles that they have recycled or stripped. In many instances, the parts are refurbished and sold with a warranty. However, some car wreckers let you visit their yard with an auto mechanic and remove the spare parts you need from junk cars at a reduced rate. This self-service can save you money, but the car wrecker won't warranty those spare parts that you or a mechanic remove from a vehicle, because the parts haven't been tested or restored.