It goes without saying that a vehicle's tail lights should be working properly. Not only is it an offense punishable by a police fine if a driver continues to use a vehicle after faulty tail lights have been identified, it compromises the safety of everybody in the vehicle and other road users. If you notice that your tail lights are faulty, this article may be of help, as it looks at some of the most common reasons for faulty tail lights and how to fix them.

Always Start With The Fuse

Before trying to identify the problem, make sure that the engine and ignition are switched off.

You should begin by inspecting the fuse for the tail lights. Usually, if the fuse has blown, both tail lights will not work. The fuse box is normally located under the dashboard or in the glove box, but refer to your vehicle's manual if you cannot find them. Keep the manual handy so that you can identify which fuse serves what area of the vehicle. Once located, remove the fuse and inspect the thin metal wire inside. If it is damaged or looks the worse for wear, replace it. Take the fuse with you to the garage to ensure that you get an exact replacement.

Rear Wiring

If the fuse is not damaged, move on to the rear of the vehicle and inspect the wiring. Access to the wiring is through the trunk, so open the trunk and locate the bunch of wires that lead to the lights. Check each wire to make sure that they are all in place and connected properly; replace any wires that have come loose. If your lights are flashing or dimming, the likely culprit is a loose or bad connection. Refit the wire so it sits snugly in place and check to see if the problem has been fixed.

Check The Bulb

If both the fuse and the wiring seem to be working, move on to the bulb itself. You will need to remove the lens so that you can access the bulb. If you don't have screws on the exterior of the lens, you will have to access it from the inside of the trunk. Remove the screws and pop the bulb out. Checking the bulb is usually the same as checking a bulb in your house; look at the thin metal wire to see if it is damaged or broken. If so, take the bulb to a professional garage, like Riverton Auto Electrics, so that you get an exact replacement.