You may have to decide what kind of paint to use if your car was damaged in an auto crash and you want to paint it yourself as soon as the auto shop fixes the other auto body issues it had such as dents. This article discusses the pros and cons of the three kinds of auto acrylic paint that you may use:

Acrylic Lacquer Auto Paint

This is the oldest kind of acrylic auto paint and many auto shops no longer have it available in stock. It is the most affordable auto paint and it is very easy to apply since it does not present the same issue of the paint flowing along the surface to form clusters/runs like other paint types. It is glossy.

However, this kind of auto paint easily gets damaged by UV radiation or chemical exposure so its beautiful appearance may not last for long unless you take special care to protect the car from those elements (by always parking it in a covered carport, for example).

Acrylic Enamel Auto Paint

Acrylic enamel paints come in two versions. One version needs a clear top coat and the second version does not need that top coat. Both versions are very durable since they form a hard shell on the surface of the car once they dry. This paint is not very easy to work with since it may harden before you have laid it on properly. It is better to employ a professional to paint your car during the final stage of crash repairs (spraying).

Acrylic Urethane Auto Paint

This is the newest kind of acrylic auto paint. It combines the qualities of lacquer paint with those of enamel paints. This is because it has a glossy finish and forms a shell on the car body. The main shortcoming of this kind of paint is that it is toxic and you need protective gear in order to apply it safely. It is also difficult to work with since you need a controlled environment (such as a booth) to keep dust out. It is also the most expensive kind of auto paint.

Use the information above as you decide which kind of paint you should use to complete the crash repairs on your car. It you can counter the limitations of each type of paint then you can apply it yourself. For instance, you can modify your garage so that no dust gets in to ruin the urethane paint you are applying.