You may be worried about the safety of the goods that you are about to transport across state borders. If that describes you, read on and find out how interstate freight transporters limit the likelihood that your consignment will be stolen while in transit.

Assigning Each Truck Two Drivers

One of the situations that cargo thieves take advantage of to steal interstate cargo is to wait for the driver to take a break to buy refreshments. The thieves then move in while the truck is unattended and make off with some of the cargo. Interstate freight movers now counter this weakness by ensuring that all trucks have more than one person on board. When one person goes to buy refreshments or to ease himself or herself, then the colleague remains, watching over the truck so that opportunistic thieves steal nothing.

Installing Special Door Seals

Another vulnerability that thieves were taking advantage of to steal interstate freight was the weak seals used on trucks. Freight companies now have security seals on trucks that cannot be easily broken by thieves. Some of these seals have remote alarms installed in them so that management is alerted to any attempt to break the seal.

Sending Truck and Driver Details to Clients

Another security measure that many interstate freight transport companies use is to send detailed information about the driver and truck before cargo is picked up. For instance, the company can send the full name, signature and photograph of the driver to the client so that you can verify the identity of the person picking up your consignment. This measure eliminates thieves who study cargo pickup schedules and masquerade as freight company staff in order to steal goods.

Elimination of Subcontractors

Interstate freight companies have stringent background checks that they perform before hiring anyone to work for them. Such efforts amount to nothing if they subcontract work to third parties who are not subjected to the same scrutiny. Many freight companies now have a policy against subcontracting so that they reduce cargo thefts that have an insider participating in the theft.

As you can see, interstate freight companies do everything in their power to reduce the possibility that your goods will be stolen while they are in transit. These measures, coupled with insurance cover for the goods, should be sufficient to remove any fears you may have about the security of your goods during transportation across state borders. For more information, contact a local freight company like Aussiefast Transport Solutions