Having a car that starts and that you're able to drive down the road doesn't mean that your car is necessarily in good repair, or that it's even safe. There are some needed car repairs that might not interfere with your ability to drive but which can put you and other drivers at risk. Unfortunately many car owners tend to ignore these needed repairs simply because they don't interfere with their ability to drive, so note a few of them here.

1. Brakes that are too soft or too firm

When brakes don't grip as they should, this is not a problem to ignore. Soft brakes, meaning those that hardly grip and stop the tires, can mean that your car is losing brake fluid or that the pads are coming out of place. Firm brakes or those that grip the wheel too tightly can also mean pads that are sliding out of place.

Other problems with your brakes should also be checked out by a mechanic. This can include brakes that make loud squealing or grinding sounds, or a shaking of the car every time you apply the brakes. No matter the issue with your brakes, never ignore it, as it could very well get worse when you're on the road, and your brakes could fail completely, putting you and other drivers in danger.

2. Bulging or soft tires

A bulge in a tire means that the rubber is soft in that area and it has formed an air pocket. This is something that could easily burst when on the road because the strength of the rubber is compromised. A tire that consistently goes soft or gets flatter usually has an air leak somewhere, and it could easily go completely flat while you drive. You may be making a small leak larger every time you take your car on the road and in turn, you're risking a flat tire. Have this tire replaced as soon as you notice either of these problems.

3. Difficulty steering

When it seems as if your steering wheel is too loose, your car may be leaking steering fluid. If it seems too stiff and tight, there may be a problem with a chain or other part in the steering column. These problems can also get worse the more you drive your car, and your steering could lock up or go out completely while on the road. Have an auto mechanical repairs check the fluid levels and the steering column as soon as you can if you notice these issues with your car.