Strobe lighting effects on vehicles can look spectacular. A variety of brightly colored LED lights fitted to the wheels or skirts of a vehicle can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a vehicle, especially in dark environments. Read on to learn about how to fit a wireless lighting kit to the body of a vehicle.

Check Kit

Once you have purchased your desired LED strobe kit, it is a good idea to lay the four lighting parts out and check that they work. Simply connect the wires on the end of the lights to any 12 volt power source by attaching the red wire to the positive terminal, and the black wire to the negative terminal. Once you are satisfied that all of the lights are working, proceed to the next step.

Attach the Lights

Position the lights on the ground where they will be attached to each part of the vehicle. Ensure that they are facing the correct way (so the light faces outwards), and use the brackets and ties to mount and secure the light. At no stage will you need to drill holes. When positioning the light, it is important to check that the wire is away from heat sources and tires. Use the brackets and ties to mount all four lights, one at each side of the vehicle, and one each on the front and reverse.

Junction Box

It is usually recommended to install the junction box inside the vehicle, as it needs to be kept away from water and dampness. If it is not possible to mount internally, find a suitable area in the engine bay. Next, feed the wires from all of the lights to the junction box. Take care to ensure that the wire clears the exhaust and other heat sources by several inches. Damage to the wires from the heat here will void the warranty on most lighting kits.

Power Up

The majority of lighting kits can be powered from the vehicle's fuse box. A simple circuit (that must be purchased along with the kit) can be added to the fuse box to accommodate the lights. Alternatively, by connecting the red power source wire to any 12 volt power source, you can also power the lights. If you need to, it is possible to use additional lengths of wire to extend the range of the lights.

Check that the light function properly using the controller. Most lighting kit companies offer downloadable apps that allow you to change the color and flashing sequence of the lights via your mobile phone. If you run into any snags during the process, ask professionals such as Autoco Phillip for further assistance.