There is great importance attached to having a well-functioning truck suspension system. Operating a truck with a defective transmission system poses a great danger to you as well as other road users. As a responsible truck owner or operator, you need to ensure that the transmission is always in good condition and that any repairs are carried out in a timely manner. Here are a few signs that it's time to have your truck transmission serviced or repaired.

The Truck Transmission Fluid is Leaking

Fluid leakage is one of the most common signs of truck transmission trouble. The thing about transmission fluid leakage is that the rate at which the fluid leaks may be too slow for you to notice. This means that you need to regularly inspect the transmission fluid level in your truck.

Under normal circumstances, fluid levels should not go below the recommended levels in the truck owner's manual. Anything below this level is an indication that you have a leaky truck transmission system.

Rough and Involuntary Shifting of Gears

You can also be sure that your truck transmission system is in trouble when shifting of gears becomes a problem. This is because truck suspension systems are built with efficiency in mind. In the ideal situation, you should not even hear the gears shift.

However, a defective transmission system cannot provide the efficiency referred to, and you will notice that shifting of gears on your truck is not as smooth. This can cause a jerking action on the truck whenever gears are shifted. A faulty truck transmission system may also cause delayed response when gears are shifted.

Involuntary shifting of gears is also a common problem caused by defective truck transmission systems. Involuntary shifting of gears is a dangerous problem because it can easily cause an accident.

Your Transmission does not Engage

Non-engagement is also a common sign of truck transmission trouble. When the transmission fails to engage, your truck will not move.

Non-engagement can be caused by a number of problems including short circuits, broken or worn parts, or inadequate lubrication of mobile truck transmission parts. Non-engagement can also make your gears stick to one gear-mode and refuse to engage to the next.

Always remember that the earlier you undertake truck transmission repairs, the less the damage to your transmission system and the less the cost of repairs. If you've noticed any of these signs, take your truck into repair locations such as Brianna Bodyworks.