With a lot of people spending more time in their cars than ever before, the demand for a quieter driving experience is more of a necessity than a luxury. While driving, road noise and wind can distract you in addition to making you fatigued. This is precisely why automotive engineers have been pursuing windscreen options that are aimed at reducing noise levels, improving fuel efficiency, enhancing security and environmental friendliness.

This article looks at the role of acoustic windscreens, and how they have transformed the car environment.

Noise Reduction

Acoustic windscreens are made of thinner glass which provides a significant reduction in noise levels. This decibel reduction has led to a quieter vehicle interior thereby allowing the occupants to converse comfortably without shouting or even listen to music peacefully.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

Acoustic windscreens are lighter in weight compared to the conventional windscreens. This reduction in weight makes the vehicle lighter without compromising on the cabin comfort. Generally, the lighter the vehicle the higher the miles per gallon (MPG) component which means low fuel consumption.

Reduction in Greenhouse Emissions

Vehicle emissions account for a larger percent of the carbon footprint and this has adverse effects on the environment. Acoustic windscreens lower carbon dioxide emissions by utilizing fuel efficiently. For a given mileage, the quantity of fuel used is significantly lower which also means lower greenhouse emissions created by the engine.

Enhanced Security

Breaking acoustic windscreens takes longer than tempered glass. This is a perfect deterrence to theft which mostly occurs through smash and grab tactic. The materials used in these windscreens have improved strength that makes them resistant to smashing forces. Even if the upper layer shutters, the inner layer may still remain intact thereby preventing the glass pieces from hurting those inside the vehicle.

Lower UV Transmittance

Ultra violet rays are not only harmful to the human skin but also detrimental to the vehicle interiors as well. Direct exposure to UV rays can make the interior color of the vehicle to fade. This is damaging especially to new vehicles because it makes them look old and horrible within a few months on the road.

Whenever you are buying a new vehicle, always confirm that the windscreen is acoustic. Some manufacturers have created a special symbol on the glass that makes it easier for you to identify acoustic windscreens. When doing a windscreen replacement, you should also insist on an acoustic replacement to avoid the inconveniencies brought about by the other windscreens.

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