An auto wrecker, or tow truck, is needed if your car isn't running, but it can be good to call for such a service even if you can start your car and get it on the road. Some repair work that's needed can put you in danger if you were to try to drive your car, and this can also lead to even more extensive repairs being needed. Consider three times it's better to call an auto wrecker than to drive your car, even if it's running and seems drivable to you.

 1. When the brakes are soft 

If your brakes are soft, meaning you need to apply a tremendous amount of pressure to get them to work, you don't want to drive your car even a short distance. This is often a sign of having low brake fluid and if the fluid is leaking, it can actually leak out completely and then you would be without brakes while on the road. Soft brakes also may not work if you need to make a sudden stop, and this puts you and other drivers on the road in danger as well.

2. When a tire is completely flat

A flat tire is more dangerous than many drivers realize. Your tires cushion the rims of your vehicle and one strong bump can cause it to bend when the tire is flat. Repairing or replacing a rim is a very expensive fix, more so than the cost of a wrecker. Your brakes also do not work to squeeze the tire when it's flat, which in turn means you cannot brake suddenly or as necessary with a flat tire.

3. When the steering begins to stick or seize up

As with brakes, your steering system relies on fluid for all its parts to work. When your car is low on steering fluid, the steering begins to seize up or stick. You may need to exert extra effort just to turn a corner when this happens. This fluid too can suddenly leak out completely, and you may have no control over your steering at all. This puts you and other drivers at risk.

Always call a tow truck or wrecker when you have any problems controlling your car, especially if it involves the brakes or steering. Having a car towed when it has a flat tire is also a protection for you and other drivers and can save you the expense of replacing a rim.

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