You may have noticed that a certain tyre on your car keeps deflating at a higher frequency than other tyres. If the tyre is not damaged, the problem may be a defective valve stem (that small metallic or rubber tube through which you inflate the car tyre) . This article gives you important tips to keep in mind as you replace the valve stem of that problematic tyre.

Don't Simply Buy A Valve Stem That Matches The Old One

It is very easy to buy a valve stem that is exactly like the old one. This is because you may have assumed that the old valve stem was the right type for your car tyres. This assumption may be wrong because that valve stem may have been placed on the tyre and yet it is the wrong type for that kind of tyre. Ask the technician at the dealership where you want to buy the valve stem to confirm that the old one was of the right type. You can then buy the valve stem that you are sure is right for your tyre once you get confirmation from the technician.

Check If Your Tyres Have Internal Tyre Pressure Monitoring Sensors (TPMS)

Valve stems that have internal TPMS are very delicate and must be replaced with care. The easiest way to confirm whether your car tyres have these sensors is to ask the person who services your car. When they tell you that the tyres have valves of this kind, be careful when changing the valve stems because the sensors may be destroyed as you change the valve stem. First completely deflate the tyre by pushing at the tyre valve with a flat screwdriver. Once there is no pressure in the tyre, remove that tyre from the rim before taking out the old valve stem. That is how you will avoid costly TPMS repairs.

Inspect The Valve Stem Hole In The Tyre

Before fitting the new valve stem, always take a few minutes to inspect the hole in the tire rim where the valve stem is inserted. It may have corroded, or it could have cracks. Any defects in this hole will affect the new valve stem so it is important to fix those defects before fitting the new valve stem.

When you follow the tips above, it will be a long time before you have problems with the tire valve stems on your car. For more information, contact a company such as Estry Trading Company.